The sun is out, the sky is blue and a host of golden daffodils - Spring has arrived!

Spring has sprung -20th April 2018

In the middle of April we said goodbye to our home-bred filly BALLYMILAN (Milan x Ballyhoo) as she left us for pastures new.

April 2018

She joins Heart Racing and has gone to Neil Mulholland's Conkwell Grange Stables, 4 miles east of Bath, to begin her pre-training education.  What a difference 3 weeks makes!

Snip at Neil Mulholland's - May 2018

We wish Becky Bailey and Heart Racing all the best with Snip (Ballymilan) and look forward to seeing her out on the racecourse, strutting her stuff, sometime next season.

One out - One in ! 
On April 27th our lovely black-type mare LECON BENEFIQUE (Beneficial x Lessons Lass) gave birth to a beautiful dark brown colt by KAYF TARA, his stable name is 'Louis'.  He is a very strong, long-legged foal with his mother's attitude and good looks.
In this photo he is just 12 hours old and getting his first taste of sun on his back.
Just 12 hours oldHe is already enjoying his time out in the paddock, having a leg-stretch with Mum, may we have many more days like this!
Photos taken at 4 days old by Jessica Joubert.
DSC_0981_previewL and L - 1st May 2018
Our boarding Mare, Centoria and her 6 week old filly by Sholokhov continue to thrive in the ever improving weather.

Bunny - 1st May 2018-1

As do our 2-year old fillies, now turned out in the summer paddocks to fill up on the summer grass and grow on. They are already competitive - racing around the field, when they are not eating!

Annie and Ebony battle it out - April 2018

In this photo Tamango (Shirocco x Liss Na Siog ) leads Cojito (Califet x Ebony Palm)

On 3rd May we drove to Jamie Snowden's Folly House Stables, in Lambourn to collect Naranja (Black Sam Bellamy x Full of Fruit) and bring her home for a well deserved Summer break.  She was accompanied on her journey by Lucy Snowden's 4 year old mare Marlow Moss (Fame and Glory x Moss Artiste) who is having some 'down time' too.

Home - May 2018

Naranja, happy to be home and free!

Naranja and Moss - May 2018

Naranja and Moss in their Summer paddock, enjoying a much deserved holiday with plenty of grass to keep them occupied!

With thanks to Jessica Joubert for her lovely photographs.